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Smile for me by Alice-traum Smile for me :iconalice-traum:Alice-traum 2 0 Viktor and V ( Crossover) by Alice-traum Viktor and V ( Crossover) :iconalice-traum:Alice-traum 10 2 Mila by Alice-traum Mila :iconalice-traum:Alice-traum 5 1 Matthias Hoffmann ( Yuri on ice OC ) by Alice-traum Matthias Hoffmann ( Yuri on ice OC ) :iconalice-traum:Alice-traum 2 0 Eepop from Popee the Performer by Alice-traum Eepop from Popee the Performer :iconalice-traum:Alice-traum 9 0
Yoosung x Reader: Reset
He was so happy when you first decided to take his route. He was oh so happy. But you didn't seem to be happy with him. He would do everything for you. He would even die for you, just to keep you save, but it didn't seem enough to keep you. You wanted someone else. He didn't understand why. Wasn't he good enough? What did make you decide to restart?
When you restarted the first time, he thought it was just an accident, that you would find back to him and be happy with him, but you didn't. You decided to be with Zen. It really pained Yoosung to see you so happy with him, but he didn't say anything. He was still there to suport you, to laugh with you, even when all the nice words you would say were meant to someone else now. He watched you with a hurted smile on his face. He knew that you wouldn't come back. He saw you became happy with Zen...
But when you restarted the game again, some of his hope came back. Yoosung hoped that you would choose him this time again, like you did the first
:iconalice-traum:Alice-traum 18 2
Unknown x reader: Lost
Notes at the end
Beware!! Spoilers (Mainly bc of Unknowns real name. You have been warned)
[Y/N]= your name
He had come as soon as he heard the news. How did this just happen to you? He rushed past the people into the way too white room. When he saw you lying there, it broke his heart. Why hadn't be been there for you? Why did he just let it go this far? You were the only person that he loved, that he could trust, but now it seemed like you were gone as well. He hated himself for letting this thing happening to you.
Without saying something, he sat down beside you. A lot of people have given him weird glances when he had rushed pass them. He just wanted to see you and anyone who would have stood in his way would have simply been pushed aside. You were more important than anything else.
Some nurses wanted to send him out earlier, but since Saeran had this kind of aura, they weren't this brave to tell him to go.
Now he was sitting there in silence, carefully t
:iconalice-traum:Alice-traum 10 2
Jaehee x Reader: Free Day
[Y/N]= Your Name
//Let's pretend that Jaehee still works for Jumin after you two get together. So this is more of an AU??
You knew how stressed Jaehee could be, especially with Jumin's work. You had often told her that she should seek another job, one that was less stressful, but she was against it. Today was one of those days were you sat on the sofa, playing around with your headphones and working through the emails for the RFA while Jaehee was still working beside you. Even thought it was a free day, she was still busy because Jumin had decided to drop of some work for her. You would kill Jumin for this next time you see him.
A soft sigh passed your lips. What could you do about it? You didn't really understand what Jaehee was doing anyway. Sure you could to the basic work for her, but this is not how you want to spend the day with your girlfriend.
You looked over to her, watching her for a while. Jaehee soon noticed you, and looked at you, a
:iconalice-traum:Alice-traum 3 0
Luciel x Reader: Reset
[ Y/N] = Your Name
He waited for you for such a long time. Every time you reset, he hoped, he would be the next. First you were by Yoosung's side. He had joked about you two a lot. But when you reset the first time, he was a little surprised, especially after everyone expect him seemed to lose their memories. In some way he felt bad for Yoosung, but he was also a little selfish and hoped you would choose him now that you were done with the blond puppy.
He acted like everything was the same, even was willing to say the same, but you still didn't choose him. You choose Zen instead. He was quite about it. Should he tell the others about the thing [Y/N] could do? No, they wouldn't believe him anyway. He watched you and Zen, in his mind wondering why you had chosen to reset. Just be with Zen? But you were happy with Yoosung too. He didn't really understand.
You reseted again, this time going to Jaehee. Why did you reset? At least you were able to give Jaehee some freedo
:iconalice-traum:Alice-traum 11 0
V x Reader: Old Feelings
[ Y/N] = Your Name
V's real name is Jihyun, just for the people who don't know.
You and V knew each other for a really long time. You back then lived in the same, rich neighborhood as Jumin and V. You two used to be good friends. You remembered how he loved to take photos as a little child and you two would always end up taking the camera from your parents to make photos together. He was really good, even back then. So it was no surprise for you that he became a photographer when he got older.
You would tell him everything, ever oh so little secret, but the only thing you never told him, was how much you loved him. At first you thought it was just stupid, that he was like an older brother to you, but the older you grew, the more you started to realize that you loved him.
You would have confessed to him, but you couldn't. After you were sure about your feelings, you wanted to talk to him, confess him your love, but some news arriv
:iconalice-traum:Alice-traum 13 0
Yandere Yoosung x Reader
[ Y/N] = Your Name
You had done it over and over again and he couldn't understand why. Why did you do this to him? The first time you had chosen him, but now? What were you doing? Even when he acted like he didn't know about it, he did. He knew you always reset the game to be with someone else, but after you had been with everyone you still didn't come back to him. Where was the problem?
You restarted again after you came together with Jumin, again. Now you had been with everyone at least twice...just not with Yoosung. This time you would just do it like the first time, be nice to him, flirt with him, like how you did it with the others.
But soon you noticed that something was off. He didn't act like always. Some of his answers were off, almost like it was not him who was typing it. You put those thoughts aside, thinking that maybe there had been a little change, something that you have missed. But in true, it was something different that got Yoosung to r
:iconalice-traum:Alice-traum 10 0
Jumin x Reader: Movie Night
You and your boyfriend Jumin wanted to make a movie night. After you have asked him so often about having one, he already agreed on making one. It was not like that he didn't want to, he just didn't had so much time. Also he usually used the evening to relax from work, but for you he would change his plans for the evening.
He had let you choose the movie for the night. First you wanted to pick a romantic movie, but soon you found a horror movie. One of your reasons for picking the horror movie instead of the romantic one, was that you just needed a good reason to cuddle with Jumin as much as possible without being to clingy and what would be better than a horror movie? Another reason was that you wanted to see if Jumin would get scared or not.
You were on your way to Jumin. You had packed all your things that you needed and it would be even enough to stay another night. Well, you once had considered living at Jumin's place, he even had asked you to, but you couldn't because of work, so
:iconalice-traum:Alice-traum 9 0
Luciel x Reader: Cooking
It was one of those days where you would be at your boyfriends place. You had suggested cooking something together. At first Luciel hadn't been really happy about it, but you just gave him your puppy eyes and he gave in. Now both of you stood in the kitchen, trying to figure out what to cook. You wanted to try to make a cake or some cupcakes. Luciel suggested something more interesting, but at the end you both decided to just make a cake.
You sighed and looked at the paper. You had tried to find a good recipe for the cake and had end up finding one for a chocolate cake one in the internet. Your boyfriend stood beside you, look at the paper with the same expression as you. "Do you have all of these things?" you asked and looked over to him, only to see that he rubbed the back of his neck. So, he wasn't sure, hu? You sighed again and walked over to the fridge to look in there by yourself.
Actually you really had luck. You found everything you needed for the cake at home, now the funnier
:iconalice-traum:Alice-traum 6 0
Yoosung x Reader: Gaming
[Y/N]=your name
[H/C]=Hair Color
[E/C]=Eye color
[F/C]=Favorite color
[OF/C]= Other favorite Color
You were over at your boyfriends place. You two didn't have school today so you decided to visit him. He had said he would quit playing LOLOL, but here you two were, you on his bed watching him playing LOLOL. You needed to admit that he was really good in the game, however it bothered you that your boyfriend would pay more attention to the game than to you. You wanted to spend more time with him and not the game.
"Yoosung?" you asked him. The blond was too busy with his game and he seemed that he couldn't hear you at all through the headphones. You sighed and brushed a [H/C] strand of hair out of your face. How could you make him paying attention to you instead of the game? After a while of thinking you slowly stood up and walked over to Yoosung, making sure he wouldn't notice you. You wanted to scare him a little, since he seemed to ignore you, and by the way you liked his expression e
:iconalice-traum:Alice-traum 16 0
Elliot Marlon (Ink Picture) by Alice-traum Elliot Marlon (Ink Picture) :iconalice-traum:Alice-traum 3 0 Insanity? by Alice-traum Insanity? :iconalice-traum:Alice-traum 1 0


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I lost almost all my sketches. All the ones I did for games and all my dear sketches from my own character Elliot. 
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Alice Traum


Smile for me
This picture is really dearest to me since it has two things in it that I love. I also changed the way I color, or at least tried out something new. The person you see in the picture is a personification of myself...I know, it's really uncreative haha. 
Viktor and V ( Crossover)
This was for my friend Bri to their birthday! I never actually uploaded it, but here we go. Viktor Nikiforov from Yuri on ice and V (Jihyun Kim) from Mystic messenger. I tried to keep it in the Yuri on ice style but failed a little. 
This was for my best friend. It's her cat Mila as a human...somewhat. I wanted to practise a little more with my copics and this picture actually doesn't look bad. 
Matthias Hoffmann ( Yuri on ice OC )
This was also something for one of my tumblr blogs. Long story short: Matthias Hoffmann is a german figure skater who tries his best to be on top, however failed during a grand prix and ended up in the hospital. He's pretty much embarrassed about it, but well, he still tries. I'm seriously too lazy to put the whole background story about him here. 

( also I choose the wrong color for his eyes. They're actually green and not blue, but whatever. Gonna fix this at some point) 
Eepop from Popee the Performer
I did this for my rp blog on tumblr back then...and since I'm too lazy to find the tumblr version right now, here's my instagram version. 


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